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sorry abt the late night vent posts :'((

I'm so fucking tired but i cant sleep and i just want to leave the house but I misplaced my key and I can't make art cos I can barely move my hands for some reason and my cysts hurt like fuck and I just wanna leave and go to Tim's or something but they're not open and nothing other than bars and drugstores are open but i can't drink and drugstores are boring as hell unless you're with friends but they're all asleep and I'm shitposting on X while watching ASMR and I need to see a doctor and take medication but I'm not prescribed anything right now except for like melatonin (which I'm immune to i guess) and probiotics. no actual pain killers or TCAs and my sister isn't home so I can't really have any fun and the internet is shit and my discord friends aren't responding and I can barely see even w my glasses. pls help :'((

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