HEYOOOOOOOOO YES!!! I HAVE MADE ANOTHER odottemita??? but this is different... because it's not only the dance, ITS ALSO THE WHOLE OP!! like the different scenes and stuff!! It's kinda cringy but it was fun to record <3

If you don't know, Lucky Star is an animé that came out in the 2000´s, it's a slice of life of teenage girls living their life, and I guess my spacehey and Bitview are my slice of life animé xD

Original OP:

Lucky Star Opening - BluRay 720p らき☆すた


【Fe】Lucky Star OP IRL

I don't have the thing to change thumbnails yet so MY FACES LOOKS SO BAD WHY IS IT THAT LOL

My legs hurt from dancing, this took me all day! could I have done better? YES! Do I actually care? yes?... but not really xD

It was just a fun thing I always wanted to do since I saw this video a few years ago!

The cosplay i'm wearing is OMGKawaiiangel Sailor fuku (if you don't know who Kangel is and Needy girl overdose, do a quick google search and come back) which, this won't be the last time you'll se me with this sailor!! I have her full cos and SOON there's going to be a con in my city (the only one we have lol) which will have 2 days and in the first one i'll wear this cos and the second day maybe a lolita dress ORRRR... something i'm working on ewe


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