Is Soul Eater in it's renaissance?

Lately, I've been seeing so many more people watching, talking about, and engaging in the Soul Eater fanbase here as well as on other social media like Tiktok and Tumblr. It's making me wonder how and why it's getting more popular, but I'm also really excited for it's popularity resurgence because I've loved Soul Eater since I first watched it in middle school and I've been even more obsessed with it since I started revisiting the series early last year. ^_^ I really hope that this popularity resurgence gets more people into the manga (and maybe even gets us a reboot of the anime. Who knows 😏)

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i think its just because it's such a well rounded story with great characters and a bomb fucking story! i hope soul eater never dies but they need to reboot it fs cuz the anime ending is shit and we never get to see soul become a death scythe

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