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Day 42 of Being Your Record Player Baby (IYKWIM)



The title is a reference to Paul by Big Thief

[ Sleep Schedule || Previous Night ] - I was so tired that i went to sleep fairly early (early for me, okay!) and got 9 hours of sleep! Yay! But for some reason I spent the rest of the day sleepy

[ Organization ] - I didn’t clean or organize much…need to fold laundry…I do it tomorrow mehhh

[ Socialization ] - I went to my friends house for dinner along with my mentor and Bee <3 I was so out of it today, I kept quiet and zoned out most of the time. Whenever I spoke the usual amount, it was bc someone mentioned topics I like too much, like Arcane lolol.

I tried on my friends shawl ? Şal işte idk if it’s the same in English. Or if thats the proper word. but they said I looked like a matryoshka doll lololfjjfk 

My makeup had a crazy sudden improvement for the past 1-2 weeks. What cutting your own bangs does to a man

I mostly talked and played with my mentors kids, they’re 6 and 2 years old and they’re so sweet. My mentor dropped me off to my house and the elder one laid on my the entire time and little one held my hand when I had to go and told me not to leave and started crying when I had to go. Stop. they’re so cute. Go away baby fever, I’m too young.

I love kids sm they’re so cute ;;;; I’m usually never the favorite for kids, I try to talk to them instead of properly play around, and even when we’re playing there are set rules and stuff. Bee and Emma are way more adored by kids, but occasionally when the kids no longer wanna play and just wanna talk and sit together, they come to me and it makes me really happy!

Oh also hung out with my little sister for a good first half of the day 

[ Art/Creative ] - I drew so much today!!!!!!! Deniz requested me to draw Falin from Dungeon Meshi and I did!!! I liked how it turned out, but I painted and colored other things too!! I am v happy with all of it!

Tomorrow I’ll make a seperate blog just with the recent artwork, I’ve been too lazy to upload pictures fjdjkd 

[ School Work ] - i….i did not do any today….i should do more tomorrow!! I’ll make sure of it!!

[ Hydration ] - I was v hydrated :]

[ Physical Activity] - I didn’t do nearly as much as I’d like, need more. It was honestly underwhelming how little I did! Drawing is fun but then I look at my physical activity and go DAMN ☹️

[ Diet ] - I didn’t eat much in the morning or afternoon, just drank water mostly, but then ate well and healthily during dinner 👍 very yummy! Need to learn every recipe ever..

[ New Information/Something New ] -  learned fried potato ball recipe…(imagine this as a stardew recipe notif)

{ [ Music ] } - I’m so lazy I’m gonna just put the Spotify link here -

It’s good bro. TRUST!!!! And yes, I listen to it unironically. I DONT CARE!! THE DANCE IS SUPER FIRE AND CUTE TOO!!!! The little tune plays in my head it’s so cute! ^^

{ [ Thoughts ] } - so tired..idk why I was so exhausted today. I need a shoulder massage!

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Forgive me! I don't think the comment on the last entry went through and i tried 3 times but spacehey isn't working with me, pretend I did comment and my streak isn't broken.

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