Godzilla x Kong

I saw Godzilla x Kong with some co-workers today. I thought it was a dumb but fun film. They focused more on the monsters, which is good, but most of the human stuff was not very good. Parts of the film felt like a proof of concept for what a kaiju movie with little to no human drama could be like. There is a lot of good visual storytelling throughout the runtime, and I think that's GxK’s biggest strength besides crazy kaiju action, which it does have in spades. Overall, I enjoyed it, and I think it was a worthy addition to the franchise. It doesn't hold a candle to Minus One, but this film was fundamentally very different, and I don't think it’s totally fair to compare the two. 

Speaking of Minus One, though, I'm so thankful to be alive when a Godzilla film actually wins an Oscar. After 70 years, I think he deserved one. 

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