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29.3.24 - piercing drama on tiktok

So on the amazing app Tiktok which we all love (totally isn't a bunch of brainrot), new drama has arisen because there's drama every single week. 

The situation is between two tiktokers one is called Hope who is the villian of this story and the other is Didi. Keep in mind that Hope is 16 and Didi is 15 this is very important infomation.

Hope is your very standard type tiktoker, lipsyncing to audios, wears an Ushanka, big contacts, that type of girl. They also have lots and lots of piercings, including snakebites, a vertical labret and a stretched septum. I will admit for a 16 year old that is a bunch of piercings to have to take care of well but, you know her parents said she could so she did i guess. I have no hate on her appearence whatsoever and honestly nobody should be. 

The drama comes in when Hope makes a video about Didi, who didn't even know Hope existed beforehand like absolutely no interactions at all. It was very out of the blue and random, basically what she wrote on her video was 

"how @didi'susername feels after gluing 30+ piercing balls on to copy my exact piercing setup"

and then she starts doing poses.

Didi then made a tiktok replying to Hope saying stuff like, "I am a minor and have a job" and "My parents would not let me do that", which are both very very very valid reasons. It does depend where you work but at 15 it's mostly going to be at a fast food chain or serving people, piercing definitely do have an impact on where you can get jobs. Also I think the majority of parents wouldn't let their kid get like 6 mouth piercings and that's just common sense but there is no harm in gluing on fake piercings. Especially if you want to try out a new look without having to actually go through the process. It could be anything really, not having enough money, having an allergy, not wanting scaring. The thought that someone is copying piercings out of all things, nobody owns a 'piercing layout' there are so many people who probably look exactly like Didi and Hope like it's not copying and even if it was, can't somebody take inspiration? (the piercings in question do not look similar at all)

So naturally most people started defending Didi, which is great! My problem comes with how they were defending Didi, they defending Didi by putting down Hope which is never okay to put down anybody. Everybody makes mistakes. Calling her a pinhead and multiple other things. The moral of the story is to do you're own thing and mind your own business. Hope you all enjoyed reading this, have a nice day everyone!

-Florence Faint

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