piercing rant

Dawg okay I love piercings so fucking much like I literally love them all. I love some more than others, and theres sum that I think are lowkey weird but like you go bro ig idfc what other people do, I love piercings so much.Β 

So far I have 5 (not alot, but I dont think my dad will let me get anymore soon). I have snakebites, a septum (that I may or may not stretch a little eventually, idk), and lobes that I stretched to 14g. Imma stretch to 12g soon cuz its been a few months. My goal is 0g or 00g :3

I love piercing setups with alot of lip piercings so much, I love how they look, and I love how lots of ear piercings look too. I love surface bars and dermals but idk if i'd get any cuz they get snagged on stuff alot apparently but theyre so cutteee. I love the colar bone ones and the lower back ones. I doubt Id get them tho.

My future plans for piercings are angel fangs (def getting these next), my nostrils, dahliahs, a smiley (I know they can cause teeth and gum damage, and theyre only tempoary but I love them too much), tongue, maybe a vertical labret (or just labret, not sure), maybe a medusa/philtrum (leaning more on not tho), nose bridge, possibly eyebrows (not so sure anymore), I want industrials, and three helix piercings on top, and maybe a few helixes down the side. I want my 2nd and 3rd set of lobes, and I love how daiths look but idk if ill actually get them. then I want my belly button pierced, and maybe in the not so near future (specifically after top surgery) I MIGHT get my nips pierced for funzies.Β 

If you have piercings tell me what you have, I'd love to hear abt it and learn abt how the healing process was too :3Β 

ngl I lowkey might become a piercer (and tattoo artist??) I dunno yet loll

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dude i want an eyebrow piercing soooo baaad but i 100% know i won't take care of it adn it will get infected lmao
I LOVE the way angel fangs look also but they 100% wont fit my face i met someone with a smiley once and it looked awesome, i have a couple of friends that also want a lot of piercings and most of them currently have a septum!

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ah yeah thats understandable. Piercings generally aren't that much maintenance but its easy to forget to clean them lmao (I have many times-), but honestly it's kind of quick and easy. My piercing studio gave me salt to mix into water to make saline, but if you do get any piercings I recommend getting a like sterile saline spray so that you know the mixture is actually sterile (I think most piercings studios sell that, but I'd have to look up where to get it so dont take my word for it). I just take a q-tip with the saline and like yk clean, then I use the other end of the q-tip to dry it. Having piercings is really fun tho I def recommend getting some if you're willing to take care of them :3

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Thanks for the advice! I'll have to keep it in mine if I ever get a piercing πŸ’₯πŸŽ‰

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