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losing my mind rn

so last night at around....10 pm i was casually on splatoon and i wasnt even playing a match i was just walking around inkopolis square for fun. and as im doing that i see someone whose username was like "volo fan" and i was like ME TOOOO!!!!!! IM A VOLO FAN TOO!!!!!!!! in my head and i get this odd feeling that i should turn on post display and check if they posted anything.

 Guys. guys. guys. guys guess what. guys. im losing it. im going crazy. this is how i got the news that they're adding my favorite character ever (my boyfriend even) to that one pokemon mobile game. THIS IS HOW I FIND OUT. FROM A SPLATOON POST. 

and then i was like huhhhhh i saw someone lie about this once so i should double check by searching it up. it was TRUE. IT WAS TRUE. THEY ARE ADDING HIM. EITHER LATER TODAY OR TOMORROW. I DOWNLOADED THE GAME JUST FOR HIM. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH YOU GUYS DONT UNDERSTAND

 ik i sound a little bit crazy rn but this guy is literally the most important character to me ever like i cannot express how much of an impact he had on my life. 'he is not real' i dont CARE he is real to me. in my heart. i will never stop being weird about him until the day i DIE !!!!!

anyway every time i remember he is ocming to the game i start shaking. i almost threw my phone this morning when i realized it was real and not a dream i had. 

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