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hiii :3 my nicknames are ren, chloe n nini sooo any are fine to use!! i am ethnically chinese my chinese name is lee si en (李思恩)!!, live n was born in asia and my birthday is 2nd june, i am UNDER 16 yrs old!!! i speak english and chinese :3 i can speak very VERY basic chinese, i can understand it like roughly decently but i wont be able to respond cohesively or like properly ig, still learning it tho. i am fluent in english do!! i have 1 older and 1 younger brother who i will mention smtimes if im friends w/ u. my fav things in life are : miyashita yuu n nct, friends n family too ig ;-;/j. my fav fruit rn is strawberry and i love white bunnies (not racially motivated). my fav number is 19 and colour is green >< my fav friends are nilia, ashley, clara, jolie, jia en, shi qi, leo, victoria, kayleigh (my junior :3) n faith. gooby azz people but i love them (platonically)

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