AA!! TP BON COMES OUT ON MAY 2, 2024 WORLDWIDE!!! (pls read)

Time Patrol Bon' / 'T・P BON' Anime Adaptation at Netflix: What We Know So  Far - What's on Netflix

Studio Bones is making a new scifi-action-adventure anime called Time Patrol Bon and its abt a high schooler named Bon who gets recruited by the Time Patrol to save ppl from historical events without changing the timeline too much!!! :DD (btw the girl in the picture is Ream Stream! I think shes the one who is like "bro join us")

This isn't new like at all. The manga was written by Fuijko F. Fujio 46 years ago! (The guy who made Doraemon, Chinpui, Perman, and a bunch of other manga, they are all sci-fi in some way)

It got a 30 minute special in 1989 and sadly, neither the manga or the special have been translated to anything other than Japanese. Soo womp womp BUT! The new anime will have TWO SEASONS, covering the entire manga, and will be releasing on Netflix on May 2nd, 2024. The 2nd season comes out on July 17, 2024! Trust and know I will be literally losing my marbles over this! Best birthday month present EVER! (I turn 17 eighteen days later)

I hope they release the manga and the special in the US and they better actually advertise it! Netflix is known 4 not doing this and FFF's stuff isn't popular in the West bc of doodoo marketing. SO PLS SPREAD THE TEA!!!!

TYSM 4 readin this! Literally when I saw tht Studio Bones picked this up I was like dying of happiness bc I'm super hyperfixated on it!!!! And I'm a huge nerd abt time travel, aliens, and stuff like that.

Time Patrol Bon (manga) - Anime News Network

Btw I forgor what the goo guy is named, but he is def a silly guy frfr.


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