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Her name was Lilith, i saw Lilith everyday. When i walked to school i could see Lilith's long, straight strawberry blonde hair, her pink jacket and an empty backpack in Lilith's hand. When we were at school, Lilith often didnt have lunch. Lilith would get picked out by the teacher to talk. After school Lilith always played around in the neighbourhood, scrapping chalkstick on the side walk. In every color of the rainbow. Lilith's palms would be bloody of the constant leaning on the concrete ground while Lilith drew. Lilith was always lost in thoughts when she drew. When Lilith went home, she would be quiet and her head would hang low, like she didnt want to go home. Lilith would have stomach pain the next day. Poor Lilith. Lilith's mom never showed up to get or bring her to school, never for events, never for anything. It was like she didnt exist, that Lilith just randomly showed up one day. Poor Lilith. Lilith would be quiet at school and if Lilith accidentally bumped into someone, or did something that was considered embarrassing Lilith would get laughed at, by the class and the kids that walked by the loud room who happened to it. Lilith had friends, mean friends. Poor Lilith. She went to school everyday. One day, Lilith never showed up anymore. First i though Lilith was just sick for a day, then it was 4 years that had gone by, with no sign of the blonde haired girl called Lilith.

I wonder what happened to Lilith.



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