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Day 40 Of Becoming The Next Mr Beast


First day! I’m doing this from my phone cause I’m that sleepy! I decided to do daily logs very abruptly, so I completely forgot that I decided to do Day 1 of my return on the same day I had an exam fjdjdk 

So today will be short, since I spent most of the day inside, studying, and stressing!

- Physical Activity: I spent all day indoors today ;; I was just so occupied! But tomorrow I go on campus so I’ll be okay :] plus the day after is Friday, so I have more time to do things!!

- Schoolwork: I had an exam today!! I did my best!! I’ll continue doing my best tomorrow too!! Yippee!

- Art: do stress doodles count. When I’m stressing out I’ll draw little dudes with tired and stressed expressions. Maybe I’ll show tomorrow 

- Organization: I did my laundry!! Yaaaay!! I really wanna deep clean my room ;;; the top of my dresser is so cluttered. Needs to be cleaned…

- Socialization/Communication: I didn’t meet up with anyone today but I made sure to be reachable online!! Actually wait I forgot people reached out to me on WhatsApp. Ah. I forgot. It was like 3 people. I respond in the morning!!!!!!


- Hydration!: I had a lot more caffeine than water today ;;; yikes!

- Healthy eating habits: I didn’t overeat or under eat anything! :OO it could be healthier but? I was more worried abt academics tbh. Hopefully writing these makes me more aware of my eating habits again!!!!

I’ve been considering meal prepping, but it’d make more sense to research that first.

- Learning something new! I learned more about my friends! 

Music for today: Too Sweet by Hozier is on my mind. So good!!! It’s fun to sing too!!! It’s gotten really popular lately, so if you like hozier I wanna recommend some other tracks by him that I like!

NFWMB - Hozier is SO good. I definitely associate Ceydas (an oc of mine) story with this. I love it so much!!! I saw it from a mob psycho edit

Like Real People Do - oh my god this one has my heart I’ve cried to it before cause it’s so incredibly beautiful and I LOVE Hozier writing and music so much??? Vocals too?? This guys crazy. And to be very honest with you, I saw it from a homestuck animation. 

I haven’t watched or fully read Mob Psycho OR homestuck btw. I just look at stuff and go yeah this rocks, this is awesome. And I steal it!

My friend made a YouTube video for me of her doing a day in her life and I loved it sm!!!! I hope she makes more because they’re so fun and I love learning more abt my friends!!! :DDDD and I like knowing about their daily small things. What do you do first thing in the morning? How long does it take you to wake up? Do you have a certain way you do things? I like to know those kinds of thing :]]]

That’s all I’m so fucking sleepy.

OH also I bought a bunch of stuff online that I kept telling myself that I’d get for like WEEKS now! Writing it down yesterday really did help!!! I’ve needed a new backpack forever! And finally got new headphones <3 I surprisingly forgot i broke mine last Friday, but I’ve been so busy I haven’t had time to think about music. But now I got both earbuds and headphones, so I’m abt to be so addicted to music again.

And I also got cute stuff, I am not gonna lie. I see cute shit and go AUGH….I WANT IT!!! I got red ink as well, so I am excited for the red ink. I love playing around with new materials!

Also I love buying stuff that is going to make my life more comfortable but MY MONEYYY NOOOOOOOO I wanna save more. I can’t. My heart broken augh 

Anyways goodnight now! Buh bye! I’m so sleepy my brain is feeling slow. And I have to wake up even earlier today. Sigh anyways bye!!!

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