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photo dump!!!!

mostly selfies - CATS NAME IS TIGER!!! she is my little baby I lover her so much - guitar I was so hyped to be able to buy, its a Daisy Rock Heartbreaker, was hoping to find one of the debutante ones since my hands are a bit small buttt im still happy w mine being full sized <333 in the first two pics all clothing is from the brand Cherie Lou tumblr-a7035e85048c47c4435c8b3eacbfc983-b64e5ebe-1280 tumblr-f6b6566a7d8ea03101d32154363a795d-566c6080-1280 tumblr-de7103a0c06ece0d6997a6c83bf75ded-5899c41a-2048 tumblr-e806b08beda68b817e339d655761243d-1b786b85-2048 tumblr-18a0f7576bd182364712d53993726920-f5c9fb29-1280 tumblr-303bde93b510aaabc2336b2facbfc8de-97e3b21f-2048

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