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First month of using Gentoo Linux

 After a few years of distro-hopping, I finally bit the bullet and approached the final frontier of Linux distributions: I installed Gentoo

haha funny cow :]

 For those unaware, Gentoo Linux is a Linux distribution where everything is compiled from source. That means you have to compile the kernel, your drivers, your window manager, everything. Why would you do this? For a few reasons actually. For one, it means you can remove all overhead from Linux by removing all parts of the kernel you don't use, Two, it means you only install what you absolutely need, and Three, you can configure almost all programs you install, only compiling the components that you need within the final executible. This leads to a very stable, and very fast OS to use, but it also means you have to know a lot about your system in order to configure it effectively.

 I first heard about Gentoo after installing my first Linux distro (Manjaro), and was always curious about trying it out, though I never did as I wasn't too knowledgeable about Linux at the time, I barely knew how to use the terminal. Fast forward a few years, I'm taking a cyber security class, and decided to use a virtual machine to try installing it for the first time, and after 2 days, I had a full working system.

 Naturally, I was curious about using Gentoo as a daily driver, especially since I would end up always configuring my distro to hell, rather than using the default configs, so I tried installing it on my main machine.

 4 days later, with NVIDIA driver hell, and a lot of configuration, I have a fully functioning Gentoo install.

 I themed my Gentoo install after Tasque Manager from Deltarune, because I like the character.

 I use i3 for my window manager, and picom as my compositor, along with a few KDE apps for things like file management and volume control for audio.

 Overall, I love my Gentoo system, and I think I finally have a distro to call home: one that I'll probably never switch from. I like having a system that's tailored to my needs.

side note: any linux user here think it's so cool that wine has improved so much in the past few years? Most of my programs work flawlessly now when they used to not even run 2 years ago lol.

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