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Lyrics I like

I listen to a lot of music and I keep coming back to listen the ones that wont get out of my mind because the lyrics touches my heart:

1. Breath, FKA Twigs:

  • I don't want you to think that I see through you
    When all I see is the reflection of who you are not;

  • My body's itching to press on the bruises you hide with a smile;

2.I have a crack, Lebanon Hanover (the whole song actually give me chills, i relate to this one badly):

  • "I have a crack somewhere beneath me
    Maybe that explains why I can't always feel"

  • "We share some words like scorched birds
    We disintegrate and wither away"

3. Nine while nine, Sisters of Mercy:

  • "When days had no beginning
    While days had no end when shadows grew no longer
    I knew no other friend but you were wild"

These are 3 songs i've been listening to is been weeks!!!

Hope yall like it :)

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Jon 🐇

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I get that, that's why I like the Hold Steady. "Charlemagne wasn't feeling any pain, but he was bleeding from the holes in his story." :D

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