can we just talk about how hard it is to add images on spacehey?🥲

Yes i know i need a URL of the image and just put <img src=“link”/> in my profile or upload the url in my blog or bulletin.

BUT if i want an image from my camera roll i am basically just on google for an hour or 2 hours searching for any actual good image to url converters. Which i haven’t really found, most glitch, jumpscare you with around 30 ad’s at the same time in every corner of the website or you need to make an acc which i would rather not. Or i would either have to post it in some other public form which i also again… WOULD RATHER NOT


anyone got any good ideas or GOOD image to url converter websites? 😔

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i use imgbox to host my pictures!! it's free and pretty easy to use, it even provides you with a full HTML embedding thing you can just paste :3

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𐙚 ℕemui/𝐍oName_Yet 🇦🇷 (Moved to TWT)

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I hope I'm not late, I use and the ''Direct links'' and to shrink or enlarge the images!! :3

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Statiscit 🍉

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I use personally, it hosts any pic u upload but I recommend creating an account on there to keep track of what u have on the site just in case u want to take anything down

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thanks man!! imma check that out

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no problem dude

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