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hello!! i'm back finally :P

i haven't been online in a good bit and i'm sorryyy :< but i'm back again from the school's NEWEST pcs!!! i'm SOSOSOSOOSOSO happy they added new pcs, the old ones were pretty slow.

anyhow, in 2 days we'll have easter break and i'm so excited :3 especially because there's a chance that i'll meet my best friend again!!!

aughgdahsgd i've been feeling quite happy and idk why. LOL

also sa if ur reading this i miss you so much. please give us a sign of u still with us, everyday we hope you're back. we love you so much, remember that.

oh btw i finally met an italian on this platform!!! ciao :3

and also my pizza tower obsession is back and stronger than ever since the noise update... and i have a huge obsession now. i still love sonic.exe tho! dw!!

anyways, i think i have to go now since it's possible that we'll do a kahoot thingy in class. toodles :3

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