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South park games list (+links of where to play) (1hour and 27 minutes of effort post)

this is a blog post about the official South park games , this will include some general info on the games , plus where you can play/buy them , some of these are not games you can play on their original platform so ill include emulators for what I can

South park ( December 21, 1998 ) 

Developed by Iguana Entertainment/Appaloosa Interactive

  • Published by Acclaim Entertainment
  • Distributed by Comedy Central 
  • came out for Nintendo 64 in 1998 
  • came out for Windows and PlayStation in 1999

South park : Chef's Luv Shack
 (October 12, 1999)

  • Developed by Acclaim Studios Austin
  • Published by Acclaim Entertainment
  • Distributed by Comedy Central

  • South Park Rally (January 5 , 2000)

    • Developed by Tantalus Interactive
    • Published by Acclaim Entertainment
    • Distributed by Comedy Central 
    • came out for N64 , Dreamcast , PlayStation and windows in 2000 
    • Simple Racing game 
    • N64 emulator
    • PlayStation emulator

     South park Lets go Tower Defense Play (October 7 , 2009) 

  • Developed by Doublesix, in collaboration with South Park Digital Studios and Xbox Live Productions
    • Published by Xbox Game Studios
    • came out only for the Xbox Live Arcade which was a service on Xbox 360
    • Tower Defense game 
    • very little info of this game exists online 

    South park : Tenorman's Revenge (March 30 , 2012) 

    •  Developed by Other Ocean Interactive, in collaboration with South Park Digital Studios
    •  Published by Xbox Game Studios 
    • came out for Xbox Live Arcade 
    • Platformer 

    South park : The Stick of Truth (March 4 , 2014) 

    • Developed by Obsidian Entertainment, in collaboration with South Park Digital Studios
    • Publishing rights purchased by Ubisoft due to THQ filing for bankruptcy, resulting in the game's release being delayed 
    • Came out for Windows , Playstation 3 , Xbox 360 in 2014
    • came out for Nintendo switch, Playstation 4, Xbox one in 2018

    South park : The Fractured But Whole( October 17 , 2017 ) 

    •  Developed by Ubisoft San Francisco, in collaboration with South Park Digital Studios, Ubisoft Osaka, Massive EntertainmentUbisoft AnnecyUbisoft ReflectionsBlue Byte, and Ubisoft Quebec
    • came out for Microsoft WindowsPlayStation 4Xbox One in 2017 . came out for Nintendo Switch in 2018

    South park : Phone Destroyer (November 9 , 2017) 

    • Developed by Ubisoft RedLynx, in collaboration with Ubisoft Pune and South Park Digital Studios 
    • Came out for IOS and Android in 2017 

    South park : Snow Day (March 26 ,2024) 

    • Developed by Question, published by THQ Nordic, in collaboration with South Park Digital Studios 
    • Comes out for Microsoft WindowsNintendo Switch , PlayStation 5Xbox Series X/S 

    and an honorable mention to

    South park : pinball (1999?)

    this is an add-on/DLC to PinballFX 2 & Zen Pinball 2 . also made into a stand only phone game during somewhere around 2014 but was removed due to legal issues 

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    i wanna play all these XD ive played tsot, tfbw, and snow day!

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