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osiris skate shoe ads frm tha 90s (ik all yall didnt ask 4 this but cus im bored ima send them anyways)

Thrasher Magazine February 2000, 42% OFF | Magazine - May 2000Thrasher Magazine August 2000, 48% OFF | www.nets.saThrasher Magazine - February 2000May2001-Spread-39-1000Thrasher Magazine August 2000, 48% OFF | www.nets.saVert Is Dead: Jerry Hsu, 55% OFF | www.albanileriaunai.esjerry hsu osiris shoes for Sale,Up To OFF 66%90s Skate Shoes Brands: The Rise and Fall of a Footwear Empire

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hell yeah

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luigi -- teni

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my friend b going crazy over these shoes lol they nice af tho

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all ads needa start lookin as cool as these dawg

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i wish they could bring all these shoes back too

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yu hrd of dailybread magazine b4 ?

by gaazii !; ; Report

I haven't before, its a skating magazine? Looks really fun

by DeerseLark; ; Report

its a rollerblading magazine

by gaazii !; ; Report

OH MY GOD NO WAY thank you for telling me TT that's insane. Aggressive rollerblading has to be one of the coolest things ever.

by DeerseLark; ; Report

its literally like, the thrasher magazine of rollerblading

by gaazii !; ; Report