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Hey! im asher, my nickname is ash!!!!

I use he/they, maybe he/him in the furture???

Im trans ftm, genderqueer and gay, very gay😋

 im not dressing very feminine but i wanna try it when im on HRT, i kind of have a grunge ish style, i wear baggy/wide jeans and band t shirts, i love my converse and my earrings. Im just a silly little gay boy!!

Im not taken currently, DONOTASKMEOUTPLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Im 13 years old and im dutch, hebrew and british

Please dont ask me if im for palestina or isreal, i dont understand much about the conflict, so its not for me to choose, it makes me very uncomfortable too

I currently live in the netherlands and i speak dutch and english, im currently learning german and italian. Im so sexy (i only know two words italian😭😭😭)

Im an atheist. Im born jewish but i chose to be an atheist since i really dont believe in god or anything like that but i respect it<3

I write poetry and stories, im an artist and i am a server holder, i have a realistic style and i often make paintings and put them around in my room for fun, its just somethings i like to do besides school

I like to paint my nails, walk, read, write, vc with friends, draw, cook, hangout, talk and stuff like that, kinda gayyy🤩

I also really like music, especially indie rock, brit pop and stuff like that. I often listen to arctic monkeys, the last shadow puppets, ABBA and the beatles.

I like ramschakle too, and hazbin hotel, plus helluva boss (obviously)

Im very talkative 

Im probably autistic too. Im getting TESTEDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Im sensitive to crownded spaces and noises too, it tends to make me nervous. 

Im also hypersexual which I dont like to talk about much, but i just wanted to add it to here so people know and people can talk about it with me if they are it too and wanna get it of their chest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I also often listen to the radio in the corner of my room, i put the antenna around my eiffel tower model :D


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Ok, sooooo, i need to be your friend

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