dunno if anyone will see this

but there has been a user by the name of "KYS RAIN I HATE YOU (IM ERIN) posting gore and nsfw on their blogs.

i think its best if we report and block them, but i just wanted to warn everyone rq.

alr have a good rest of your day


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thank you!

also i think theres a way to block them without actually looking at their profile? i saw it somewhere, i think its where you have to paste "https://spacehey.com/block?id=(ID number)" but im unsure of how to get peoples spacehey ID's without going to their profile

if you want to block them but not look at the stuff on their profile page you could like click their profile (hopefully nothing horrid as the pfp) and before the page fully loads zoom in on to where the block button is, or atleast where the contact table is and click the block button
(this being an option due to me forgetting how to block people without actually looking at their profile and also not knowing how to get ID's without looking at peoples profiles)

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they got suspended thankfully, so i don't have to do anything else.

thank you so much though !

have a good rest of your day !

by pixelatednightmare; ; Report

by "them" i mean those types of blogs in general, not just specifically erin

by rusty; ; Report

thats good that they get suspended

by rusty; ; Report

whoopsies i misunderstood. sorry

by pixelatednightmare; ; Report

its alrighty

by rusty; ; Report

you're comment didnt load at the time of me commenting that, also i hope you also have a good day!

by rusty; ; Report

thank you !
you have a good day as well !

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