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❗️warning to underage users of spacehey❗️

To any users  under the age of 17 

I think it’s lovely that there’s a growing community of the younger generation here on spacehey getting to experience a version of the iconic MySpace that my generation and the generation above loved so much ✨💕

But there are a lot of adults on this website. And it’s becoming a growing concern of the ill regard underage users have when adding other users and profile interaction. 

What I mean is that a lot of adult users include a disclaimer on their profile that states for underage users not to add them. Or underage dni. 

This is there for a reason and needs to be respected 🙏🏼

It’s becoming a known issue that underage users are adding or spam adding every account they can find to grow their friends lists….

I think it’s great that u want a big friend community here on spacehey but spam adding accounts that don’t want you to interact with them is not the way to do it. 

A lot of us are having to resort in REPORTING or BLOCKING the users that do this. 

I’m sure ur all aware that being reported enough times will have ur account suspended 😂. 

But it’s concerning how many of u are willing to add fully grown adults on this website even though I’m sure many of u are aware of the growing creep community that is leaching to this website …. 

This needs to be a wake up call for u all to be more aware of u you are adding.  🙏🏼

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I totally agree!! if ur underage don't friend/message adults itz not safe

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Nah I texted someone for like weeks and they ended up being 13, had to block them afterwards

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˖⁺‧⁺˖⋆𐕣🥀𝐸𝑒𝓇𝒾𝑒𝐸𝒷𝒷𝓎🥀𐕣⋆˖⁺‧⁺˖'s profile picture

Well said 👏🏾

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underage users of spacehey hmu 👅

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literally this... stop spam friending 2024 why even add me if ur not gonna read my profile

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This !

If ur not careful about reading profiles u can add some pretty nasty people.

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Literally, and so many of them hide or don't add their age to their profiles to seem older, I don't add back any profiles that haven't got an age listed because I have no idea just how young some of these people actually are ??

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I do the same I’m not accepting if I think it’s an underage account.

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𝐻𝒜𝐼𝐿𝐸𝒴 𝒢𝐿𝒪𝒪𝑀𝐼𝐸's profile picture

THANK YOU! I don't feel comfortable adding people below 17/18 or so because I just want to be extra cautious about protecting them from potential predators just in case I happened to unintentionally add someone that ended up being creepy.

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He didn't add anything unless he is of legal age or simply because he likes someone, that's why I avoid it.

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Well dont worry, im 17 about to be 18. and besides ive seen alot horrid shit in my lifetime.

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I have several younger people who have added me and the most i tend to interact with them is just giving them advice for school or saying their art is great (which it is!). I do believe that people should be friendly with those that aren't the exact same age as them. This culture of just not interacting with anyone who isn't the same age feels limiting and weird to me, but I understand why it exists.

There are too many people that either don't know or just ignore what's appropriate and not appropriate to talk to minors about. It's so weird to see other grown adults talk to children as if they're at the same developmental stage. They'll just talk about sexually inappropriate stuff or trauma dump on literal children and it's insane. So of course minors feel the need to not interact with adults who should know better.

I also understand that some adults don't want to censor themselves or be mindful of minors, so they also don't want to interact with children. I get it. They understand that interacting with minors means behaving differently then when interacting with people the same age. So it's frustrating when they have a DNI on their profile and minors still try to add them. But to be completely honest, I don't really see this situation happening as much as the former. But I understand it is a thing that happens.

It just seems like both adults and minors need to be honest about how they want to interact and what they expect from the other. Adults need to act different and appropriate around minors, and minors need to understand that due to Adults needing to act different, they won't have access to a ton of people. Like, it's that simple.

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This is very well said 🙏🏼
I’m personally happy to talk to miners in forums ans anfe a lot of others and interact with them but I won’t be accepting friend requests.

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thanks as an underage person this is good i dont message the adults i add them just because they post tips on how to be emo,scene scemo,alt,goth etc

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If ur comfortable adding adults who seem ok and don’t have age restrictions on their profile and they don’t make any passes at u then ok but always be quick to report and block if any of them tries talking to u inappropriately 🙏🏼

by Kathrine; ; Report

toki / dude

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i have it on my profile & i still have to block kids who request me. actually i got tired of it and just made my profile private cuz i do not wanna babysit unless i get paid for it.

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I made my account private aswell surprisingly now I have less underage adds

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Also I see a few blogs here and there with lists of sketchy profiles ! This is a really good idea. Especially since it’s not exactly hard to just make a new account on here.

I encourage u all to read these blogs and and keep an eye on who’s adding u.
Don’t be afraid to report adult users who try to interact with u.

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I agree with disliking the friend collectors but a lot of older people also add only minors too and that's more common than kids friending older people

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I have heard this. !
It’s really weird and creepy.
But it’s not a competition.
This is an issue for BOTH parties.
There’s so many weirdos leaching on here and I’m sorry to anyone underage that is having to experience fully grown adults trying to interact with u. It’s not ok….. at all. And it’s important to either block or report these users. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
But there’s also the issue that I just raised in my post ..about the amount of underage users who need to be made aware of the dangers of adding adult accounts.
Plus harassing adults who do not want to be added by minors. 🤷🏻‍♀️
As the older generation we do everything we can to sus out any weirdos on sh. !!
And have them reported!
But the younger users also need to do their part and stop harassing people for adds. 🙏🏼
I’m not trying to start some intense debate with minors over who has it the worst … I’m just pleading with u all to take more precaution over who ur adding, to check peoples profiles and to RELAX with spamming people.
Because ur just going to end up being reported.

by Kathrine; ; Report

emmuhh ♡

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and i have 20+ dni and so many adults try to add me.. so it goes both ways

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when i said you were everywhere i was joking but omg you literally are everywhere how do you even do that

by thrifted ♱; ; Report

im a lurker what can i say ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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FR FR i see so many of them posting sentiments in the forum like "ew why are there so many adults here?" and then spam add them all lmao, pick a side.

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I feel as if they don’t realise that most of the people who used MySpace are now adults
So obviously the creation of this website was more aimed to those people.
And most of the original 5k users are also adults ….

I also think a lot of the grown ups on this website have the same feelings towards the younger community on here.

I also see that there’s a divide in the forums and blogs.
It seems the forums have become more of an adult run part of the website and the younger community lean more into blogs.
I’m trying to make a few chill forums for everyone to post in that’s more pg friendly.

by Kathrine; ; Report

For example the king kitty’s decree forum
The hearty recipes
The pets of spacehey
And the spacehey dream journal archive .

by Kathrine; ; Report

Also the user cranky old witch posted a new forum called the wholesome thread which is a cute idea.
U basically just post things that ur grateful for or something like that.
It’s more positive forum which is definitely needed these days ✨

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