why is making a name for my character so hard

context i just joined some weird medieval knight rp on roblox and i've been designing my character for a while and. dude. im struggling the most with the name. supposedly there are naming conventions and i cannot figure them out. afaik its just fancy first name + two words shoved together as a last name. i cannot come up with anything good. my character is like,, a bird person based off of a white bellied goshawk so i was thinking of taking the scientific name but i cant decide whether i should go with:

accipiter haplochrous (just straight up the scientific name. sounds cool but kinda lazy as a way to choose a name)

chrous swiftwing (includes part of the scientific name, but the last name is kinda boring)

another combo of the scientific name with random words (gale haplochrous, chrous galewing, gale accipiterquill, sos im so bad at names all of these sound so bad)

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i kinda like gale haplochrous actually..... but idk

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