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my favorite videos on youtube // april 2024

& all for different reasons

fat history episode 12 - a really fascinating and hidden aspect of history; this episode is about the fat men's clubs of the late 19th & early 20th centuries

we played a 72 hour game of tag across europe (again) - this one is technically a playlist but it's all a part of one big journey! these boys, i don't know how or why or when they started, but they play games like tag, hide 'n' seek, and capture the flag, using the whole world as their board game

animation vs math - one of the coolest videos about math ever

going on, gnarls barkley - this is just the best music video i've seen in my entire life. the energy!! unparalleled

a leaf made of...meat?? - biology +1

this list will be updated all throughout the year :3

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