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Toxic People

Nah that’s Toxic Sis 

The word toxic has been throw around for heads now but let’s really think about this. When we think of the word toxic, we already know what that means. If we put the words “toxic waste” together, we already know that consists of so many materials that can either make us sick or cause us to be sick to our stomachs. Toxic waste stinks, we want to literally gag by the smell of it and just by the look of it, ugh! We can call agree it’s disgusting sight to see. On the other hand we can say that we deal with toxic waste with ourselves and other people.

Many of us can’t blame ourselves for what we’ve been through but most of us can take accountability for our own shit to be blunt. For example, we choose to deal with things that we don’t have to deal with it just because our hearts tell us it’s the “right thing” to do. We tell ourselves that because we are good people that somehow this genuine nature could possibly change the heart of someone who hasn’t quite reached their peak with emotional availability. We have to know that a person who is emotionally unavailable won’t show up for you in the ways you expect due to internal conflicts or being unsure. Simply, some people know what they want but just don’t want it from you yet, they will keep you as a place holder and see if you know your worth. 

The key to it all is in fact knowing who you and knowing where you stand with yourself before you do with someone else. Then you know if this person or people are meant to have a space in your life. As soon as your peace, love and joy feels like it has to be traded in for the bare minimum, take a step back and realize what toke found up against. If anything has to cost you these 3 things, then it’s way to much of an expense. We say a lot of situations and people are toxic but never really get into depth about what truly looks like or give that platform to at least explain it. Confusion, questioning and feeling like you’re unworthy is more than enough to leave. This is not love, this is bondage and just a person look for something they need! Stay up though!  

-Kenlo 💯

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