Just a Thought 

I thought about you in the back and front of my mind 

I thought about how one day I wanted you to fall for me and I catch you right in the arms of my Small being 

I wish I could tell you everything that lays on my mind through just one text 

I think I need a few chapters just for you to be able to “read my mind”

I need you to understand that I can read that your mind, lips and body need me 

They need me to touch you in ways that ignite your body and send a chill through your temple

That temple, I would some day love to feel 

I would some day love to enter inside you and slowly show you how much I adore you but I need more than just an hour of heavy breathing and shit talking 

I need to you to embrace me just as much as  someone else who probably doesn’t want to understand the deeper level of you as much as I do 

I can tell by how you lick your lips and lay your looks of place your looks of lust  into the the depths of the brown eyes that could have spoke this poem to you and without saying a damn word 

Open up for me because everything you give to me is to be stored away in a safe place 

This here is a safe space

Keep in mind, I know you fuck with them but every part of you is with me 

Though, maybe this is just a thought 


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