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'living and dying on the internet' by alex day

i dont know if any of you remember alex day (nerimon)
he was one of the first youtubers. i used to have a little crush on him if im honest lol.
he got chased off the platform for some scandal* which basically ended his vlogging career. he privated all his videos a few years back, which is a shame. the dude was legitimately hilarious. 
that era is long gone. even charlieissocoollike has removed all their old videos now (which, fair, is probably for dysphoria reasons, because she is trans now. still sad that those videos are gone now)
im pretty sure the vlogbrothers are the only nerdfighters who still make videos. 

*which, basically amounted to a few exgirlfriends of his calling him manipulative, except everyone acted like he was some kind of serial rapist.
go on, read the allegations. yes he was probably a kind of shitty boyfriend, but 'im not in the mood' 'cmon babe' 'alright but be quick' is not sexual assault lol, thats just what bad relationships are like and he didnt deserve his life to be destroyed over it.

anyway, its a great read. if you remember him and that era of youtube, and havent already decided that he is human scum who should be burned at the stake, id definitely recommend it.

who were some of your favourite youtubers from that era? aside from those in the nerdfighter space, i used to watch thehill88 and brookers all the time too. theyre both gone too now... thankfully there are lots of reuploads of brookers though

memories... hold onto the goodtimes while you have, because one day theyll be gone and there wont even be any trace left

(yes i know i broke my pre-1800 pledge lol. ive been meaning to read it for a while, and i finally found a free copy, okay)

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