More Reggie and Ranting

He loıkslike a horse here

I met up w my friend and the topic came to reginald and zibidi. She thought Reginald was a very submissive type guy and that really hit hard bc even from the start i always planned him as the emdobiment of cruel boss type w a soft side for certain topics. 

Now looking back at my art thats kinda understandable bc i always draw him w Zibidi and their relationship after those soft spots have been discovered. I really like that part of him but its true that all those drawings gave the impression of him being the most submissive old dude ever, so i try to draw him more agressive these days. 

Also idk if anyone ever reads these or whar but idk what to do w my ocs or what kinds of setups i should draw them in, not entitled to just these 2. Any ideas of any sort would be great even if you dont know anythin about them

have a nice day

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