Endless Fantasies 

I have endless fantasies of how I already want to devour you every time you sit in this car 

Our parked conversations I guess you can say are cute and memorable

Don’t leave it up to me, but while we’re here sit down and just hear me out baby 

I hate to see you go but I love to watch you leave 

I need to lick your clit so I can watch the cum run down to your knees

Then stick my tongue out and watch you move forward for a kiss 

You grab my face to use your mouth to grab my tongue and I receive it yet can’t help to take it

To be honest I’m not really shy to fuck you out your clothes and keep your panties to myself

It’s been way too many times where I’ve wanted to be between your thighs to feel your soft skin against mine 

I would do your body so good because I know that you need it 

I know that you need good loving and for you to release that tension that you keep holding in

I need to touch you, feel you, and feel every inch of how much I need your pussy 

Very explicit, I know and I’m so ready to see how many rounds we can both go 

Let me see your love faces and make your mind and body feel so comfortable enough to let go 

Let go of everything because on this end you don’t have to worry and you’re in great hands if I may add ….

You a honey I want to see creep into my room so I can take you down for you to put your lips to my ear and tell me your every desire as I’m igniting your fire 🔥

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