derrick rose

bulls point guard, that’s derrick rose

secretly a poet with this derrick prose

takin some flicks, he strikes a derrick pose

weird ass shoes, what are derrick those??????

doin home improvement, go to derrick lowe’s

his shoes are too small for his derrick toes

playin with his nephews, got your derrick nose

he’s busy, so derrick comes and derrick goes

farmin in minecraft, he crafts some derrick hoes

he always rips his clothes so he derrick sows

he’s always there to listen to your derrick woes

you don’t need to tell him cause he derrick knows

on the court, he always defeats his derrick foes

turned on the tv to watch his derrick shows

when he cuts his lawn, he derrick mows

he tore his ACL, man that derrick blows

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