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Me a lot of different surveys

Name? Jaden (not my real name ofc, just a handle I use online)

Pronouns? she/they

Age? 16

Gender? Still figuring out but def not cis

Sexuality? Bisexual! but if i had to explain romanticaly attracted to girls n sexually attracted to boys 

Nationality? Colombian

Race/Ethnicity? Mestiza

How long have I been on Spacehey? Two months for now (22.03.24)

Extrovert, ambivert, or introvert?  Ambivert!

Any mental illnesses? Only suspicios but not diagnosed

Am I dating someone? No

Too shy to ask someone out?  yeah 

Any siblings? 1 sister

Any piercings? Not yet but i want. the tongue, snakes bites, eyebrow, industrial(both ears)

collar bone( if posible) n maybe tits 

Any tattoos? No but i want some 

Braces? not but i may need them in the future

Left or right-handed? Right.

Can I whistle? I can

Do I know any foreign languages? not fluently, but im b1 in english n thinking of learning polish

Favorite color? Purple n black

Favorite animal(s)? Cats, racoons n scarab beetles

Favorite season? winter

Favorite food? Pasta i love pasta

Favorite candy? Gol 

Favorite chip flavor? Lemon

Favorite band? Rupatrupa

Favorite number? 8

Dogs OR Cats

Chocolate OR Vanilla

Hugs OR Kisses

Talks a lot OR Listens

Pen OR Pencil

Chocolate: White OR Milk OR Dark

Popcorn: Plain OR Salted OR Buttered


A. Age: 16

B. Best Friend: only my twin: @Samsitoo!

C. Currently: listening to "La torre de babel - Los tres"

D. Drink/smoke: i do both but not frequently

E. Eye Color: Brown

F. Fears: PEOPLE IN COSTUMES(Yeah a fnaf enjoyer that is afraid of people in constumes thats me)

G. Games: tlou, resident evil, cod, minecraft, fnaf, FEARS TO PHANTOM.

H. Height: 153 cm - 5'0

I. Insta: Jaden_blueberry 

J. Job: no job 

K. Kids or no: no

L. Least Favorite Color: beige...

M. Movie You Love: Kingsman 

N. Nicknames: Jaden/Sam

O. One Wish: Read minds

P. Pets: 1 dog

Q. Quote You Love: "Shove it up ur ass n shout Colombia"

R. Relationship Status: single

S. Siblings: 1 sister

T. Time You Woke Up: like 3 to 4 am

U. Unknown Fact About You: i have a diary

V. Vacation You Loved: The Rupatrupa concert 

W. Worst Habit: definitely procrastinating

X. X-tra Fact About You: Ihate the smell of egg 

Y. YouTuber You Love: Ale wang, Carrera

Z. Zodiac Sign: Sun cancer, ascendent in gemini

About me 

The Longest Survey All About Me!!! by ul_luv_itttt
About Me
Time Started:20:43
Place of Birth:Colombia
Hair:Black n wavy
Left or Right Handed:rigth
Place you've been to:idk lol
Music genre:Rock n alt
Alcoholic-drink:Vodka, Aguardiente de anis, Baileys
Television show:i dont have one
Ice Cream flavour:Maybe cookies n cream
Have You Ever...
Kissed in the rain:Nop
Stripped for somebody:Not fully
Skinny dipped:Nop
Gone out with somebody because you felt sorry for them:Nop
Lied to your boyfriend/girlfriend:Yep
Lied badly to a friend:Yep
Fallen inlove:Yep
Done something you badly regretted:Yep
Gotten somebody in heaps of trouble to save yourself:Yep
Bought something you didnt even want:Yep
Broken somebodys heart:Idk
Had your heart broken badly:not so much tbh
Been rejected.. Don't lie nowww!!:Yeah
Rejected somebody for shallow reasons:Yep
Pretended you were friends with somebody you hated:Yep
Do You...
Have your licence:Nop
Own a car:Nop
Have any pets:Yup, one dog
Have any siblings:Yup, a sissy
Smoke:I did once(not really interested but maybe i'll do it again)
Drink often:No often
Go clubbing:No
Have one night stands:No
Often lie:Not often
Swear:A lot
Have a job:Nop
Have any bad qualities you'd change:Yeah obviously
Longest relationship:1 year
What's you natural hair colour:Black
Do you wear contacts/glasses:Nop
Ever kissed a stranger:Nop
Hardest time you've gone through in your life:My life is hard everyday
Have you ever betrayed a friend:Never
Can you speak another language:I speak spanish, english
Any special talents:I dont have any
5 things you'd love to do beefore you die:LOVE someone, have sex (not a fan of it tho), convert my body in art, leave a lesson for other people n do something good
Who was the last person you went to dinner with:A girl called sara
Do you get along with your parents:Sometimes
Do you know anyone with the same birthday as you:No one
Person you'd consider to have the best relationship with:Maybe fer
Do you go gym:Not yet
Best and worst physical feature:Best, my lips, Worst my hands
Best and worst personality trait:Best, rlly atthentive, Worst Very vengative
Do you find it hard to be honest:sometimes
Does your bedroom have a theme:Not a specific one but i had a lot of myself here
Do you like taking pictures:I do
If you could change anything about yourself, what would it be:Of physical, i want a more definied waist n in personality to care less about others
Ever been extremely jealous of somebody:Yup
Ever wanted what you cant have:Yeah
Favourite perfume/cologne:fruity scented
Favourite flower:Daisys
What country do you wish to visit most:Poland bc thats where my pookie is
Do you wish you could have a specific person back in your life:Not really
Would you ever dye your hair red:I dont think
Can you draw:I can
Last person you kissed:A friend
Last person who told you they cared for you/loved you:My twin just did
Are you missing anybody:Not really
Do you have a crush on anyone:Not yet (but i do want to make fall in love someone)
Dream job:Idk
Wish you were.....:Sober (idk what to put here but if u got the reference pls add me)
Last person that messaged/called you:My twin
What are you doing tomorrow:More homework
Have a deep dark secret?????:Maybe
Time finished:21:11
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