Just finished Quiet on the Set...

Jesus Christ that was rough. I'm not completely surprised but it is really weird looking back at All That and The Amanda Show and recollecting how certain skits were just...weird.

Also poor Drake and his poor father who tried to prevent it. I think that was the most heartbreaking thing in the whole mini series. What's the saddest thing is I think a majority of us millennials can relate to what happened to those kids. Sure we weren't child stars but with the dawn of social media came an instant connection between kids, teens and adults and I think all of us had a "friend" that we should not have been talking to who was much older than us.

 This is one of the reasons why I am strict with who I add age wise on here. Not that I'd do anything but kids need to learn to not reach out to adults they do not know. The world is truly full of deplorable people willing to take advantage of a kid. I know this from personal experience sadly.

I hope those kids heal.

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