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22.3.24 - emo-based websites

Here's some emo websites I have found:

EmoPuddle - Emo Scene Community - Emo Hair - Emo Music

-emo music, general emo info, chatroom, has discord server, pictures + - Emo Scene Community - Emo Girls - Emo Guys

-emo bands, pictures, forums, chatroom, general emo info +

Sophie's Floorboard (

-blogs, music recommendations, small chatroom +

Washed Up Emo

-clothes, podcast, newsletters +

What the heck *is* emo anyway? (

-emo history, fashion tips, music recommendations +

MYSPACE BACKGROUND | Emo wallpaper | Emo Girls | Emo Boys | Emo Fashion | Emo Love (

-backgrounds and alot of pictures!

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Luna ☆

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Talking about that, I love how your pfp is PERFECTLY emo :D

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TYSM <33!! It's a picture of me LOLZ

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