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recom: duster - 1975!!

hi!! i really really ralluy like this ep duster released in 1999, its 6 songs that are all pretty close to perfection :) and as great as they are they all ocme together in thsi release pretty nicely!!

first theres "irato" whose drum machine might mislead you into thinking tis whatwver other genre xD but the interlocking guitars come soon enough with their characteristic flair :3 it sounds pretty space-y and stuff

then "memphis sophisticate" comes in like a death march xD intensely slow and it makes a very dry atmosphere that i really like for whatever reaosn :D sounds pretty nervous and ansgty even for how subdued it might be :o and it draws a pretty dreary image with the lyrics and ending ambience

next is "the motion picture" which is p ambigouos to me in regard of its time signature xD could it be 6/8? could it be 4/4? i like the push and pull thingy that this brings it :3 not to metion the bright and gentel sounding guitars ^w^

then "and things are (mostly ghosts)", its fairly simple in composition but that is its forte, somehow it becomes much bigger after a while listeningg, and not only in how it becomes so melancholic as it reaches the end :D

"august relativity" follows and its quite weird because half of it is payed backwards and the rest is played normally :0 kinda disorienting vibe it gives it :3 and the coda is also worth noting because its also drenched in melancholy

it all wraps up with "want no light to shine" which is probably the softest played song ive ever heard xD it sounds like it might fall apart at any given moment until it does xD giving way to a very emotional piano piece passage thingy which ive seen some describe as incredibly lonely but to me it sounds so bright im blinded,,, kinda optimistic maybe? :o

overall its quite increidbly consistent and i really like it for that :D i thnk you should listen too if you like any duster song!!

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