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There's this dude that works at the place I'm getting my GED from. We're the same age but I look like a fcking 12 year old next to him. He's so goddamn cool & has on crustpunk patchwork stuff every time I've seen him & does patchwork in his little office during his free time.

I went & sat in his office to chitchat with him (forcing myself to socialize) & we started talking abt movies. My dumbass said "oh yeah, all I watch is movies" then proceeded to recognize exactly ZERO of the movies he mentioned.

I also asked if he had socials & he mentioned Discord & his number but never gave me either one, but he also mentioned he was autistic & otherwise seemed pretty into me, so I can't tell if he meant to reject me or if I was just being way too subtle.

Then I was thinking abt all this & putting myself down for being an idiot when I realized... bro probably is not thinking abt that interaction at all. I put way too much importance on each interaction I have & blow up little things into "omg they hate me" & that's why talking to people tires me out so much even when it was an overall good experience.

On a positive note, he didn't seem weirded out when I mentioned I was into shooters (made the interest seem way more casual than it is by segwaying with the general topic of true crime.) He reccomended that I watch Trainspotting =)

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