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Story about boys

scared? well he was.  scared in every way that could be. that scared, that his body would shake from it,  that scared, that he would live in constant fear and paranoia. scared that they would find out, how he liked when his lips where pressed against his, how he likes when his body was pressed against him, how he liked when his waist was firmly hold my him, how he liked when his hair would be softly brushed by the long and warm fingers he had, how he liked him, so so much.

but he? no, he wasnt scared, if he would be able to, if he wasnt scared and not allow him to, he wouldnt shut up about it, he would scream it off very roof, scream how much he liked seeing him without his clothes, how much he liked seeing him smile, how much he liked seeing him next to him in bed, how much he liked ruffling his hair and how good it smelled. how much he liked him. he could kiss him a thousand times, and not get bored of it.

 he would always say ´´i love you``

scared? he was, he would look at him with big eyes, and he would open his mouth, wanting to say it back, but his mouth would close again and his lips would shake. his eyes would be filled with guilt.

and he? maybe, just maybe, he was scared too. that this story would repeat like this, that this constant suffering would never end. or that this story would end, and the guilty would eat him alive.



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