fixed my page, not fixing my previous blogs + quick summary of my birthday week

alright, so i had to redo my entire page for a second because stupid discord decided to kill image hosting. rude. my blogs, however, i don't have the willpower to fix those. maybe when i'm extremely bored. listen, i'm a busy motherfucker!

i finally got a beautiful, BEAUTIFUL laptop, so expect more blog posts soon.

but right now it's 12:30 AM on a work night, so i cannot exactly type away in vivid detail how my days have been recently. i gotta head to work feeling decent!

i'll quickly bulletpoint my notable moments while i was MIA, and maybe later you'll get a lil blogpost going into more detail.

-went insane because the modern state of the internet/social media is killing me mentally
-my irl friends planned a wonderful surprise birthday party for me and it's one of the greatest days i ever had (roller skating, pho, boba, car karaoke, etc)
-i got a seeeexyyyyy laptop (GOODBYE, SHIT COMPUTER!), metal cinnamoroll merch, a woobles kit from my mom and a cinnamoroll woobles kit from my boyfriend
-got real into crochet and other yarn shit. made my boyfriend a blanket (to give on his birthday, still extending it), made a woobles, a granny square, and a little heart keychain.
-had a double date with my boyfriend, my friend, and her boyfriend. extremely fun. witnessed the back of spencer's for the first time ever. monumental.
- did my taxes for the first time tonight. i'm elderly. hopefully i didn't forget 0.0001 cents and get sent to federal prison for 34 years.

aaaand that's been life so far. anyways, i'm already on my soapbox here because i'm a chatterbox.

ahh, it feels so wonderful to see my beautiful page up and running again!!!! :)

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