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intriguing topics i ponder about

something that has been flooding my mind recently are topics like lostwave, lost media, and alternative endings/universe.

an example of lostwave and lost media is the song "everyone knows that" the reason why it intrigues me is because it's very interesting to hear such a catchy song but no one knows where it originated from. some people say it comes from a commercial and others say it must've been carl92 who made the song and published it for entertainment.

for alternative endings/universe (still on the topic of the song), some people say "in another universe, girls just want to have fun is unknown and the song (everyone knows that) is very well known and popular." to hear multiple say 'in another universe' makes me wonder about that. what could it possibly feel like to live in an alternative universe where things are so different? i also wonder about that video, "The Alternative Timeline Iceberg Explanation" which talks about alternative history.

this last topic isn't related to the lost media or alternative endings but whenever I refresh my youtube homepage I always see a video of the anime, serial experiments lain, being aired after the attack of 9/11. whenever I watch the video it fascinates me and has me at the edge of my seat,I'm not sure why exactly. could it be the VHS quality? the message above? the music? the context? the answers to my questions were my questions. indeed it was the quality, the message, and the music. i feel like no other song can really make you feel some sort of way during a tragedy like boa's duvet.

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