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The 420 Report, Legal Edition! Today's Strain, Snowlatte!

So yeah, finally made it home in one piece with my weed! *whew!* That was a fucked up day, my lil buddies. :P

But moving on! It's a new day and a new strain! Snowlatte! :D

They had a fine selection at Native Care, that's where I got this. It's in way Northern Minnesota, I mean I live halfway up the state and I still had like 140 miles to go!  :O

To be honest, I got this because it was on sale, and I got more for the dollar. But it do look pretty good, gotta say... Different sized buds, some nice sized ones too. And it looks as if the whole shebang was dipped in glitter. This stuff is seriously frosted, I can see the Snow part of the name. :O


And these are the nice folks that sold it to me! :D


I looked it up on, they don't have a match for it. has a Latte strain at least. The guys at Native Care said it was a sativa/indica hybrid and those are my jam anyway. It has a nice piney smell, grinds easily too. Loading it into some glass for a clean first hit, and...

Good flavor, a bit lemony. Nice thick smoke and an immediate warmth, noice. It's looking like a slower climb to altitude. Definite body buzz too. This strain doesn't seem to cloud the brain as much as some, it'd be good to get stuff done while under.

Yup, more of a calming buzz. I can see this messing with your time sense too, just spacing out... wait, what? XD

So get ye some Snowlatte, if you can find it in your area. Totes recommended!

Stay buzzed, bud buddies! :D

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Really awesome supporting a Native run business Jon.

Looks amazing, I'm not a big sativa fan unless I'm going out but might be able to try it. Hoping to get a medical card soon, just gotta find the right price.

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Family lore is we're a tiny bit Native, great-grandpa Cherry was supposedly Sioux, but we're not sure. I've always been inordinately proud of that 1/32nd. X)

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