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Techbros have ruined the Technology industry for me

 I despise the techbro mindset. If you don't know what a techbro is, they're essentially business men who gambled on the tech industry and try to make money based on new technology while pushing for progression at any corner just to make more money. This doesn't sound that bad on paper, but almost every techbro I've had the displeasure of meeting is insufferable.

 One of the first techbros I ever met was some server operator at Amazon. He was mostly fine, but his house was decked out in just unnecessary technology. Voice activated lights, Alexa with Samuel L Jackson voice, Tesla Model 3 car, and gaming computers up the ass. I wasn't too bothered by this though, since he was at least fairly nice, and not completely insane, So i'd say he was the tamest I ever met, though he still gave me an off feeling.

 The second techbro I ever met, was some dude with a 3 story house, a full backyard pool, Tesla Model 3, and was borderline schizophrenic with his paranoia. He kept talking to me about the end of the world coming soon, and how etherium and Bitcoin was gonna be the only stable currency for the rebels. He kept trying to convince me to buy a VPN, and was just overall really weird. I find it funny when you have techbros so concerned about privacy, yet they let their data pass through a known government-selling data collector like Nord VPN, or have an Alexa/Tesla, or really any device that collects data like it's candy during Easter.

 Thankfully, I never got to meet this techbro, rather just observed them over a specific bird app, and thank God because if they're not a reaction-bait account, I am severely disappointed in humanity. This man posted a video of a weird space elevator thing, that connected the earth to the moon, and @ed Elon Musk asking why we couldn't have this. He kept insisting in all the replies that this could very well be possible, ignoring the fact that the weight of this thing would crush itself, and loose astroids would just demolish it, and the fact that THE EARTH AND MOON AREN'T IN THE SAME PLACE 24/7. I pray every day this was reaction bait, but he had a full LinkedIn profile, he had a job as an AI Engineer. If this isn't peak techbro, clueless but somehow successful, then I don't know what is.

 As a more "low-level" programmer (which I don't believe, as I refuse to believe C is a low level language), techbros programmers are the worst to me. They all seem to have this method of just stringing libraries together without regard for performance or if they need any of it, which leads to overly bloated programs that just pain me to witness. There is no reason a simple portfolio site should take 5 seconds to load over 2G internet. I know 2G is considered "old" and "outdated", but let me ask this: what is the point of new technology, and improved performance, if we don't keep the same level of optimization that we had before? At that point, there's no reason to create new technology, if it's going to give us the same performance we always had. 

This was more of a ramble than a blog post, but god I hate the modern programming industry.

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people who love tech treat it as their co worker. while TechBros treat Tech as something that works for them. all the damn time I see techbros try and find hardware and software that does all the work for them.

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I get what you mean, I think these are more prevalent on Tech Bandwagons than anything else since with any new controversial or ethically questionable Tech these kinds of people come in

Like the NFT bros who were so confident NFTs were the future, the AI Tech Bros who will go as far as to call artists useless and "done for", and crypto bros like you've described

I think this part of the community is more focused on replacing humans or "normal" conduct rather than actual progress, others are more focused on the "Hey, we could be rich" as you described

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People don't understand technology, so it's ripe for scammers to manipulate how people perceive new tech in order to make a quick dollar

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