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What I read in Febraury (2024)

I only ended up reading 4 book in Febraury, and most of these are uni books. I'm not too mad with this tho, since I'll read a lot more during the summer to make up for it.

February books:

1) Persepolis

Rating: 3/5

TLDR: A short but powerful read. I think everyone should read this at least once.

2) The Vagina Monologues

Rating: 3/5

TLDR: I want to read more feminist lit, and I figure this was a good place to start after doing some research online. It's available for free online, everyone should read this to start unlearning societal discomfort with female anatomy.

3) Frankenstein

Rating: 5/5

TLDR: My new favorite classic. I can see why a lot of people cite Frankenstein as their fav

4) After the Quake

Rating: 4/5

TLDR: This is the second Murakami book I've read and I love it. His writing is so fun and magical. I'm excited to read more of his stuff!

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