thoughts-Lyrix music-poetry (projectz.text)

ethereal and sensational euphoria! ZOMG i Love it

extroid God still drops

ur anxiety is lying to u
is a very vvise thought
bitches crazy, that's true
puffing on a dro

Dedication goes to the Best
just fuck the rest
i am like a vvalking scene
u cant get like me

all i see is 2D
all i see is 4D!!
all i see is blu-ray
all i see is tripping orbs

free tiger, free tiger
aero auroras
i am a content creator
i am a vveb-dominator

i am fab and i am Loved
u can't even get close
u need respect and iam still going
until i reach my endless Goals (muah, Losers)

vve'll be Rich, oh yeah

i'd like to not feel it all
and i dont care anymore

u'd end ur life and iam still going
iam a God, i hate u all
i am the Love, i give u patience
so zip that mouth and get Lost

i dont exist anymore
these tears feel soar
i don't live here anymore
u can't text me anymore
all i do is life-care
all i care about is Gore

(Lol vvtf did i vvrite
thats random)
(Fatal Fatal!) and get lost
i Love my soulmates
i Love u all

don't DM, u are a Loser
in fact u always made it vvorse
vvho is up there
tryna fuck up each others health
nobody cares at all

(concentrate, concentrate)
until u reach ur endless goals

iam free,
i am here for Love
all i care about is Drugs
It’s bettr and harder to be the best
and not worth it dying a Loser
easy mode, u just Lost,
and u bored me to death

vvanna give him a death threat?
u bitch dont care about mental health
i tried my all to heal
i always had a will to change and be true

so fuck yah! u toxic bitch, get therapy, yah!
we need therapy! that's true
living in a horror scene (ugh, dusty bitch)
how much povvder is enough? huh, huh????

it all comes to an end
it has to

i aint scared of u, u are a dustbox
look at this, ehhhh look at this
did u pee ur pants?
did u pee ur pants?
u dustry bitch! u're full of it

dont be able to hate
dont be easy to get
just do the right thing
do it, let me help u

i dont exist anymore
i dont care anymore
let ur heart feel
do it, i'll collect ur dreams

The Concept: affirmative, life-caring experience
Music production
nice and quiet Lyrix

i folded~!! haha yeah i fold it
then i 

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