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Love of within.

I hold a deep admiration for the inside of the body. I want nothing more than to tear someone open and pull them apart, letting them bleed out as I do my work. I would gladly make it a romantic endeavor, if my subject so desired. Unfortunately the closest I can get to this without repercussions is the role-playing of a scenario with another like-minded individual. Oh well.

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lets play hide and seek!
i hide and you seek professional help

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A little rude of you. I don't intend on hurting anyone against their will, and I do not force anyone to take part in or enjoy the things that I enjoy, unlike some other people on here, insistent on posting images which many find disturbing. I say, to each their own, my friend. So let me enjoy what I enjoy, and I will leave you to what you enjoy as well <3

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Pardon my language but that shit sounds like a prologue for a serial killer movie that was based on the real events. I do not think those thought are "normal". please seek help immediately

by Arda.x; ; Report

I never said the thoughts were normal, nor do I think you need to be excused for your language. But let's leave it at this, shall we? It's clear nothing good is going to come of us interacting further.

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