would anyone like to see my characters?

so I have 3 stories that I've come up with, they don't really have cool names, however I do wanna know if anyone wants to hear or see them. so the stories I bring to you are:

1) Vincents Story - a young boy, after being neglected for most of his childhood decides to run away, leaving his friends. he makes it, but what happens when his childhood friends see him again?

2) Splodges Story - after growing up as the youngest, spoiled kid, he gets jumped by an unknown person who looks almost like him. even after everything, people still take the new person's side, how does he react to it all?

3) Ocean's Story - she thought everything was going to go normal senior year, but when she accidentally helps out a teen on the run from the government, her entire world changes. she becomes the leader of the greatest revolution in their time. (THIS IS NOT DYSTOPIAN)

all of these stories happen in the same universe, same "country". these character are all the same age as well, they "kind" of grow up together. anyways, if y'all wanna hear more about them, comment below telling me which one you're interested in! after I get my results, I'll be posting the winner on my Tumblr!

anyways, have a good day/night :]

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