ranting about flamboyant cuttlefish

my biggest dream ever is to see a flamboyant cuttlefish irl.... i'm pretty sure they can be found in/near australia but i don't live there so. i cant see them rn (sad face). they are sosososo cute i swearrrrr. the tiniest little guys everrrrrrrrr....... they are so wonderful and whimsical.......

top ten reasons they are awesoome:

1. they are super tiny (cute) (adorable) (amazing) (they are usually 6 to 8 centimeters. that is SMALL)

2. they have realllyy cool colors usually. vibrant yellow and pink/red depending on the photo you look at... look

flamboyant cuttlefish

what a silly looking guy!!!!

3. they are cuttlefish (the coolest animal EVER!! theres so many diff species of them and they are closely related to squids and octopi. and nautili too)

4. they can change colors rlly fast!!!!!! that is so awesome!!!!! they are like octopi but cooler. 

5. they can also change skin texture!!!! they have these little muscles in their skin that can make them look bumpier so they can blend in with sand and plants

6. they loook really funny when they hunt (they stand still or slowly move towards their prey and sloooooooowly shoot out two usually hidden tentacles and when they get close enough to their prey, they SNATCH it into their mouths)

7. they have a cuttlebone that's really small (it controls their buoyancy) so they WALK along the ocean floor most of the time as opposed to other cuttlefish who just swim. tell me that isnt ADORABLE 

8. they are supposedly poisonous!! do NOT eat one of these guys if you get stranded in australian waters because you could get SICK..... (i say supposedly because the sources i got this from are kinda iffy) (also eating one of them would be like.... no food basically... they are seriously tiny)

9. they have w shaped pupils which i personally think is cool. they have one more curve than octopus pupils

10. apparently when they get scared, instead of changing colors to hide, or swimming away, they stand their ground and flash their bright colors at what they're scared of. brave lil guys

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