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small bands (local bands in my area) I highly reccomend !!

I went to a show recently and saw some bands and oh. my. god. 

so good. I've already seen 2/3 of these bands previously and can confirm their live performances are sick. if you live in the Murrieta to Temecula area, def check out one of their shows.

1. The Renters

This was the band that literally shook the house. more than half of the audience was jumping around/ moshing/ dancing.

2. The Varas

The first band I took interest in around here. their song God Lives in Carlsbad is soooo good. they were the soul reason why I went to the show in the first place.

3. Wetherbee

A little more indie than the other two. I dont listen to them as much BUT their songs are still really good and cool to hear live.

those are the bands that have my interest and have music out on spotify and youtube, I believe a few of them are on other music platforms too.

if you have any bands from where you live that you like, send me a message and I'll check them out :>

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ill chime in with some bands from my local scene!!

1) wax girl:
these guys are so good live, they're the first shoegaze band i ever saw live and oh my god it was like i was ascending. they've moved away to philly sadly, which makes sense bc there's an emerging shoegaze scene but im glad i was able to catch them live

2) bunk.
two guys making midwest emo. the vibes are there and they dropped a pretty decent album last year which ive been loving !!

3) stuck in place
they have a bunch of stuff released on spotify, but seeing them live was nothing like that. they had SO much energy and i had so much fun. definitely one of the best live performers i've seen. this is WITH insane technical difficulties, with the lead singer's guitar going out 30 seconds into the first song and accidentally unplugging the bass amp in the middle of a different song. still, they absolutely ate and i want to see them again

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