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im NOT trying to be edgy or quirky. we ALL have thoughts about killing someone. dont fucking denying it. take me for example, i fantasise abt it all the time :3

Neighbour - he would be easy. stoner, lives alone, friendly w me invites me round. we live in a quiet culdesac. we are both outcasts. go round wone night when hes too drunk or stoned n kipped n slice his wrists. easy im not stilif enough to leave finger prints LOL. honestly this world is such a void. its all j, well what we SEE what we PERCIEVEEEEE. ygm?

btw im only using full dots cos its like alot n it would get confusing :3 ur welc btw <33

okay back to the main point. how would u kill smn? personally id slaughter them. like stabbing n delimbing n keeping as artifacts. sounds cool as fuck icl :D

anywas im gna enjoy m soup!! goodnight

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