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first blogzzn ^_^

how do u change ur like profile 2 like be all colorful n stuff and put ur own animated thingz and all that??? i dont want to b just blue and white yk.,.

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(Lmao sorry if you saw my last comment i accidentally posted it too soon ) The Layout section of the navigation bar provides a lot of profile layout codes already made by other users! You usually just copy-and-paste the code and put it in your About Me but the layout creator could specify where to put certain parts of the code as well. If there’s no layouts that you like, you can always just teach yourself HTML and play around with your profile so you can make your own thing! That’s what I’ve been doing and...I’m trying...lol :P Looking at layout codes can be a helpful start in teaching yourself what code does what since some layout codes actually have notes in the code that talk about what each line of code does! That and you can just Google the basic HTML stuff as well haha
The...blinkies...or whatever they’re named are those animated sticker-like gifs and this blog does a good job on how to add them to your profile

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