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ummm i hate aesthetics

Different kinds of subcultures (emo, goth, punk ect.) are slowly disappearing

Being apart of a subculture used to be listening to the music having similar interests and most times the same beliefs

Now being apart of any group just means dressing in a specific way and wearing big eyeliner or having funky hair. Yes, clothes and appearance are a big part of subcultures but many people go out these days wearing black clothes and calling themselves goth

What makes this thing worse is tiktok trends; ''i want a goth gf'' ''strawberry lemon correct it'' ''clean goth'' ''punk shein haul'' ''hippie shein haul'' and the list goes on. Discovering things about music, subcultures and more things on tiktok or social media in general is not a bad thing obviously but people really need to research things first before labeling themselvesĀ 

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dont worry, posers have always existed and theyll move on when the next thing gets popular

you cant fake realness

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