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March. 17th, 2024- 7:36pm

I haven't been home in like two days so I haven't been able to write at all sadly, I'm finally back tho loll.  I went downtown today because there was hella vendors, I was with my cousin but she kinda had to ditch me mid way through.  I don't blame her though, we just accidentally miscommunicated. It was kinda hot and I was already tweaked out because I saw someone there that I don't talk with anymore and I hella let that get to me when I shouldn't have idk,  thankfully I ran into some old homies I went to high school with (from the last high school I went to) and they let me kick it with them.  I wasn't trying to stay there though because I put myself in a weird mood, and my padre was able to pick me up thank god. on my way back from downtown I got a pack of cigs and a 32oz of Modelo so best believe tonight I will be drinking that and wallowing.  Ohh also i'm on a Tbreak bc I might have to past a test if I get this job and nobody wanna give me their piss LMAO☠  gmfu ngl,  my anxiety has just been rlly up lately, but it's not going as bad as I thought it would fr. and ik imma get mad faded easy once I can smoke again

I also went to a house show last night and my eyebrow piercing got hellaaa knocked, but I had fun.  The last handful of times i've been going out to shows, I literally end up going nonverbal and tweaking tf out and feel sick, and I was rlly hoping it wouldn't happen again. Thankfully I really enjoyed myself last night and socialised a lot.  I also took some pit photos that imma upload to my photo insta acc soon, I need to start bringing my cam out more to shows especially since I never really pull my phone out when i'm out 

n e wayz I think that's it for this entry, I might write again later today

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